'An important partner in my development as a golfer'



'An important partner in my development as a golfer'


The relationship between Joost Luiten and the NGF (Royal Netherlands Golf Federation) extends many years back. It began when Joost was a younger player taking part in various NGF competitions. He joined the Oranjeselectie (national youth team selection), and together with Will Besseling and Tim Sluiter, he subsequently won the Eisenhower Trophy, the world championship for amateur-level countries.

The NGF helped Joost develop his talent up to when he decided to become a professional. At that time, current NGF Director Jeroen Stevens was the professional sports coordinator, and he got to know Joost up close and personal. The connection that these two men formed at that time remains strong to this day. Joost has regular contact with the different employees at the NGF office; he feels right at home there.

When asked about his partnership with Joost Luiten, Jeroen Stevens says, 'Joost's development has impacted golf in the Netherlands and beyond. A closer partnership with Joost gives the sport a boost. It's also consistent with the NGF's goal to turn golf into a more popular sport and to keep it that way. This partnership, among other efforts, can help golf obtain a balanced, long-term place in society, which will benefit all concerned. Golfers can read about the partnership at our new communications platform, Golf.nl, which we developed with our partner, TIG Sports. The new website and the logo of Joost are also part of that.'

As Joost explains: 'The NGF played an important role in my development as a golfer. I'm thankful for their involvement. I still keep in touch with Utrecht and they give me professional support with my external communications, such as the development and maintenance of this website.'

About the NGF

With around 385,000 players, golf is currently one of the most popular sports in the Netherlands. It holds the fourth position after soccer, tennis, and sport fishing. Anyone who wants to play golf can do so at one of the 260 clubs that call the Netherlands home.

The Royal Netherlands Golf Federation (Koninklijke Nederlandse Golf Federatie, NGF) wants to develop the sport of golf in the broadest sense of the word. This development will help promote the experience and the enjoyment of the game for every player, no matter their level or ambitions. Against the background of this mission, the NGF has formulated a vision based on sustainable thinking.




Joost Luiten is a four time winner on the European Tour. In 2015 he will play all Majors and World Golf Championships, and will mainly play on the PGA Tour. READ MORE ABOUT JOOST LUITEN



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